Sports Betting In Ghana And How It Thrives

Sports Betting In Ghana

Sports Betting In Ghana is a legal business and it has been in practice for some time now. There are many Bookmakers in Ghana and Africa as a whole. With the boost in Ghana’s economy, more Bookmakers are prospering in Ghana the fact that betting thrives in poor countries not withstanding.

In Ghana, betting is regulated by the Gaming Commission of Ghana which is the arm responsible for issuing licenses to all gaming operators and permits to companies. The commission generates revenue for the country through taxes and levies from casinos and sports betting companies.

Legal Age For Betting In Ghana

It is worthy of note that to participate in betting in Ghana, you have to be of legal age which is 18. If you are under 18, you can still watch matches and predict but you cannot make money from sports prediction or any other type of betting. Citizens of the west African country also do bet on other games or sports which are not the popular football game. They bet on Sports like Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Rugby, boxing, Hockey and other sports. When betting on football Ghanaians bet on Champions league, Europa League, German Bundesliga, Italy Serie A, Premier League, Belgium Pro League and some local leagues in Africa.

Gambling is just starting to make waves in Africa as compared to its popularity in Europe. Middle east and America. However in countries like South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya they are quite popular. The gambling industry in Ghana within over a decade has experienced a boom and there are many local casinos and betting companies in Ghana now. Some international casinos and betting companies are also operating in Ghana Today.

Online Betting In Ghana

As at the time of this publication, many people in Ghana are now exposed to the internet and the offline betting companies are coming online. This suggests that internet Sports Betting In Ghana is picking up.

Let me mention that Ghana is currently undergoing mobile revolution and that over 10 million Ghanaians now have access to the internet as a result of the influx of smartphones in Ghana thanks to the economic growth. Betting companies in Ghana are targeting the mobile device by optimizing their websites for mobile devices and creating mobile apps.

Betting Sites In Ghana

Some of the Top betting companies in Ghana Include Betway Ghana, Ixbet Ghana, William Hill Ghana, Sunbet Ghana, Soccabet. Betfair Ghana. These leading bookies in Ghana offer great Bonuses and you can bet with the bonus given to you.

Ghanaian Cedi is only available in some local betting companies. Most of the betting sites the Dollar ,Pound or Euro. As of now, few betting companies in Ghana are supporting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Also payment methods like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and Payoneer are widely used.

Online Betting in Ghana in Years To Come

Sports, Casino or any other type of online betting in Ghana operates without strict regulations now. The easy access to Sportsbooks from around the world made possible by the internet has made domestic bookmakers not offer poor odds or services. This has led to a sharp growth in Ghana’s betting sector.

With the 17.5% tax on betting companies in Ghana now, the economy and the communities will be developed by the government and the internet usage in the country will increase making the future of online betting in Ghana bright.

The rise in Sports Prediction Sites have also helped to boost sports betting in Ghana.


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