How To Play Sportybet, Login And Registration In Kenya


Sportybet is a sports online gaming platform that has been existing for years with an improved and upgraded site environment that is not compatible or bulgy for any gambler to understand. It is an international betting site. The address to log in to their site is or you type this on Google sportybet mobile

This is an improved site and offers great winnings in both visual games and live games too. It is owned by the CEO Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani founded since 1997 but they signed a new brand ambassador from Nigeria by name Kanu Nwankwo(Papilo) with a ten year exclusive partnership deal. This site is reliable and very advanced as it is one of the leading online betting sites in Nigeria.

Sportybet has so many great things to offer as a good bookmark that has gained so much site in the market, they offer different kinds of sports like:

• Football
• Tennis
• Basketball
• Handball
• Darts
• Beach volley
• Rugby
• Volleyball
• Ice hockey
• And the most recently added game is the cricket.

This site has so many exclusive features that makes it more readable and understandable which are as follows:

• Sports: This is where all the various kinds and types of sports games are listed out for a puntures choice.

• Live betting: This enables a gambler to have access to stake on any life or in play game at any half once the game has already kicked off.

• Virtual: This life robot control menus were you wage and get the result in less than 5 minutes after your stake.

• Jackpot: This is just like a bonus avenue for gamblers where you place your bet and win a certain amount being displayed and its has the grace of playing 12 games but if 10 predictions are correct then you stand a real chance of winning.

• Live score: This is where you will be able to join the live upcoming result to forecast a game.

• Results: this menu shows live score results of games for each day are being pasted so you have to choose the category of sports you want to see their result and it will automatically show.

• Promotions: This is a menu where all bonuses and discount adverts are placed for gamblers to view.

• Apps: Sportybet has its own mobile app for your mobile phone IOS or for your windows for PC so this tab helps you to download it directly.

• Log in: When you already have an existing account on site you can just type in your details and click log in afterwards to use your account,

• Register: If you have an intention of having an online account with the site this is where you will click and then submit all the necessary documents needed by the site. When your online account is ready on sportybet you can fund your account and start placing your puntures.


Betting has a rule in general which bans people below the age of 18 from taking part in any gambling/betting event either live or online.

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