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Football Betting

Football betting or soccer betting is the gaming industry’s most relevant and significant type of betting games. This is because of the range at which its pursued at in the gaming industry. Football is one of the most selling games in the world too because they have millions of fans word wide.

One of the reasons that makes football one of the most booked games in the gaming industry is due to the rate of leagues and competition they offer daily and weekly. All these leagues have great Soccer betting fans as each competition has millions of fans that love their performance.

The Football Game And Betting Is Unique

A unique thing that makes football one of the most outstanding in the betting world is that they have constant matches for play from different countries and different tournaments too

Football as a game originated from England over 100 years ago in the year 1863. They have a very strong coordination and body governing them named FIFA. It spread round the world and has made so much impact to the gambling industry too. This game is the most popular in the world. In Nigeria, it came into existence in the year 1904 when it was introduced to Nigeria by the British and the name the “super eagles” was given to Nigeria’s national team.

The super eagles appeared for their first international match in 1949 where they had a 2-0 win in Sieria-leone. Nigerians found much love in football and in Football betting realizing the amount of success attached to it.


Football Prediction or soccer prediction and winning has been a great challenge because of the nature of the game but if you are a good gambler then you will know how to place a good bet and how to choose a good team while knowing their statistics and odds. it’s not quite easy to bet especially when you leave all the known leagues and play league from tournaments and leagues that are not popular like Scotland, Arab league, Ice land, China, Finland, Poland, Ecuador, Japan, Norway, Sweden and so many other games that are not mostly gambled on. All you have to do is follow the odds and try to read their teams statistics too. There are other forms of predictions in football which are:

  • Goal scorer prediction whereby you can predict on a particular player to score in a match.
  • You can predict that both goal keepers will touch the ball in three minutes.
  • You can double chance a game by staking win or drawn to reduce your risk of losing.

Remember that in as much as football betting can make you rich, it can also make you poor. Never you turn an addict of football or any type of betting or gambling.

With football prediction or soccer prediction websites flooding the internet now, football betting has become easier.

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