Fight or flight: 1/8 Champions League return legs on 22Bet

Champions League return legs on 22Bet

Following the Scousers’ unsuccessful visit to Madrid (1:0), it’s their turn to receive Atlético. Both teams could use a win, but for the Spaniards it would suffice to get a draw, or even a defeat with a 1 goal difference during a productive match – for example, with a score of 2:1 or 3:2. The chances for a goal are even greater considering Liverpool’s main goalkeeper Alisson will not be playing.

To progress further, Liverpool needs to win by at least 2 goals. There was a similar situation in the last Champions League. Back then in the semifinals the Scousers lost to Barcelona on the road (3:0), scoring 4 goals at home (4:0). The outcome is known: the Scousers reached the final and won the Champions League. There is a chance to replay that comeback, but recently Liverpool have noticeably relaxed, losing to Watford in the Premier League (3:0) and Chelsea in the FA Cup (2:0). The reason probably lies in the team’s absolute leadership in the Premier League. The gap between the Reds and the team placed 2nd is 22 points, so they can fully focus on the Champions League now. W1 with handicap -1.5 at 2.675 in 22Bet line.

In the last Champions League, Atlético did not go beyond the 1/8 finals, defeating Juventus in the first leg (2:0), but losing in the second (3:0). In the current tournament, the same thing can happen if Diego Simeone fails to use each team member to the maximum. Most likely, the Mattress Makers will counterattack, but not for the sake of goals, rather than to contain the rival team. In fact, for Atlético to win, they just need to score 1 goal and apply tight defense. The Indians are forced to concentrate on the Champions League, as they are unlikely to win in the Primera this season (5th place and 9 points behind the leader).

The status of the current winner of the Champions League makes Liverpool a favorite. Jürgen Klopp has nearly secured his team a victory in the Premier League, while defending the Champions League title can beautifully conclude the Scousers’ truly historic season. Team 1 to progress on to the next round with odds of 2. However, Liverpool are 8th in the UEFA ranking, and Atlético – 4th. In theory, the clubs have approximately equal chances, so Team 2 to progress on to the next round with odds of 1.81 in 22Bet line.

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