Top 10 Betting Sites In Ghana And What They Offer

Betting Sites In Ghana

There are many betting sites in Ghana as betting has proved itself to be a lucrative business both as a passive source of income or as the main source of income. Betting has made many people who bet after careful analysis to become millionaires.

In Africa, betting online started in the late 2000 but has today become a force to reckon with.

Best Betting Websites In Ghana


This betting site has being in existence since 2006 and has made so much effort in providing good betting activities in Africa as a continent. Betway gives good odds and different games daily. They support many features which a gambler needs like live betting and online casino games.


1xbet has being one of the Best bookie that was designed and owned By the Russians. It has been in active existence since 2006 with ample updates and experience being added. They provide poker games, live betting, online casino and they offer good welcome bonus for first time users too. There deposit method is not complex and they are the first to support MTN deposit method in Ghana.


Premierbet offers virtual games and also gives news updates. You can bet in more than 50 different games and each has good odds.


This is a Ghana betting bookmark which supports one of the best live betting platforms with there bonus range being very attractive. It remains of the top betting sites Ghana has.


This is not just a bookmark but one of the best and biggest in the country. It offers more than 10,000 different sporting games daily and also support deposits for video poker,casino,slots etc . Their football and tennis odd format is good and they make updates on their odds changes too.


Safaribet is ready to dispose when it comes to different chance games and their format is quite interesting. It supports live bet, virtual bet, roulette, poker, casino and so many others where a gambler stands a chance of winning once a good prediction is made.


Soccabet offers less sports games but has many options for the ones offered and they have an upgraded format that suits gamblers choice. It’s a Ghanaian bookmark in Europe and has over 50 shops in the country.


Betfair provides a platform that is amazing were a gambler can punter. They also offer some bonus on first deposits.

William Hill

This is one of the oldest betting bookmarks although it started offline till they made their upgrades and came online. It has being in existence since 1935 and they offer the best horse racing and football bets. They have a good bonus on casino, poker games and soccer in their website for first time deposits.


Sunbet as one of the best betting sites in Ghana provides more that 10,000 games to bet on 24/7 and they also have room for Forex trading. They have good betting environment and it is one of the most recognized and used bookmark in Ghana because of their efforts toward providing a good betting atmosphere.

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