Betting In Sierra Leone, How It Helps The Economy

Betting In Sierra Leone

Sports betting in Sierra Leone is legal. There are two legal sports betting providers in Sierra Leone which are the Sierra Leone State Lottery and Mercury International. These two betting operators offer betting on a number of major sporting events.

As at the time of this publication, Internet sports betting is not regulated in Sierra Leone. Also as of June 2016, no local online sportsbooks in Sierra Leone exist. It is however possible to bet on sports on the internet via a foreign website.

Betting in Sierra Leone has served as a backup to many and as a sole source of income to others. The companies in Sierra Leone pay taxes and other specific amount of money to the government and this also helps the country to develop economically. These betting companies also provide jobs and for the ever teaming youth population.

Internet Betting In Sierra Leone

It is also worthy of note that due to the low rate of smart phone and internet usage in the country, Internet betting is kind of limited. Not many people can bet from the comfort of their houses in Sierra Leone and this reflects the poverty level in Sierra Leone which makes the country a good ground for the betting business to thrive.

As of now, only MercuryBet operates very well in the west African country. Sierra Leone being one of the poor countries in the world needs to work on the standard of living of its citizens if the rate of internet betting will ever increase in the country.

Many betting companies are looking for opportunities to invest in the west African country knowing that betting and any other fast money making scheme thrives well where there is high rate of poverty.

Sierra Leone as a country will eventually turn out to be a hub for the betting business in few years to come. This is because the country is heading to where Nigeria stands now when it comes to betting.

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