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Betting in Nigeria

Betting in Nigeria is a legal business and has great influence in both economy and citizens. Gambling in another prospect is the wagering of money or something of value (referred to as “the stakes”) is an event with an uncertain outcome which has the primary intent of winning money or material goods. To some its a business while to others its a lifestyle. Its results fluctuates because its based on prediction, either you win or you loose.

The betting business is quite risky and very profiting but there are many online betting sites in Nigeria which includes: Betaja, betway, betking, bet365 and many more.

Sports You Can Bet On In Nigeria

There are varieties and types of sports both in Nigeria and other countries eg: Horse race, dog race, hockey, baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, casino, car race, swim race, golf but the most popular and trending especially in Nigeria is football because Nigerians are more conversant with football than the aforementioned sports.

Based on research Nigerians bet up to 5 billion naira (over 25 million usd) per day. The online-sports betting in Nigeria has registered tremendous growth in the past few years with more betting sites entering market, some youths who finds solace in online betting make it a full time job to reduce the rate of unemployment and i must say that it has taken a drastic measure of employing youths and making them independent.

Betting In Nigeria Is Both Offline And Online

NOTE: In Nigeria, betting is practiced online and offline. Betting has a rising statistics in west Africa as a continent and in Nigeria over 2 million people play bet daily.


  • It has promoted sports as a game in Nigeria because many has a notion of staking and making extra cash or profit
  • Helped to reduce rate of unemployment because many has registered as an agent and making profits
  • Profits are more than stakes made
  • Bankrupty
  • Forced home sales or valuables sale
  • Relation problem
  • Borrowing money
  • Chasing losses
  • Depression over huge losses
  • Increased alcohol or Drug abuse.


  • Don’t stake too much on any wager
  • Do not worry too much about your results
  • Try live betting more than visual betting
  • Have a budget for how much you are prepared to loose
  • Place minimal bets
  • Focus betting on sports you enjoy most
  • Experiment with different bet sites and know the one that gives you more high odds.


  • Cheap fun
  • Entertainment value
  • Cheap at cost of stake
  • Enhances learning new sports
  • High profits than stakes
  • Easy to get started.
  • Helps in economic growth of the country.


  • Open any betting site via the internet or download a particular betting site on app on play store eg: i will use the popular bet site bet9ja to showcase how to easily place a bet.
  • Open the bet9ja application and choose your sports from the menu on the left.
  • Choose your desired sports tournament(s) and click view.
  • Select the events you want to bet on and choose your odds wisely. All your choices will automatically be added to bet slip.
  • Type your preferred stake amount and click on bet
  • If you have an existing account it will automatically place the bet but if you don;t then you will see the booking number there,go to any bet9ja agent and place your bet there.


  • Try to know trusted bet sites.
  • Navigate to the website on your browser eg:
  • Step 3- Fill the form and provide the needed documents.


  • Having your personal account saves you stress
  • You cash out direct to your bank Account after any win
  • No extra charge applied than your stake
  • Notification of odd changes are active.

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