Become A Betking Agent In Nigeria Today – Fastest Way

Become A Betking Agent In Nigeria Today

Betking Agent

As a betking agent, you will earn big! Wait, do you know how much money you can make by becoming a betting agent in a country like Nigeria where the level of unemployment is overwhelming? Many youngsters haveĀ  made it big via the betting game in Nigeria either as a player or a bet agent.

Betking is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing betting platform and you can key in and make huge profits as a betking agent. You do not really need to have a passion for sports to become an agent. Remember you can always set it up and employ people. The beauty of it all is that you can manage and see all the money coming in and going out of the business from the comfort of your bed using your betking agent’s master account.

You receive a percentage of commissions as a result of turnovers. Do you know that whenever you print out a bet slip, you make some money? How cool is that? How many businesses can give you up to 30% on commissions? This is what you benefit as a bet king agent.

Whenever any customer uses your cashiers to register whether they are online or mobile, you receive mind-blowing commissions.

Concerning winning bets, there are no risks or any liability involved because BetKing is responsible for any such risks or loss.

To be part of this great business, you need to meet some requirements. To be a BetKing agent you must have the following:

A shop situated in an area that is busy:

This is very important because the more people that register with you the more commissions you have. If the area your betking shop is in is quite busy, you are sure to acquire more customers.

At least 3 laptops:

It is necessary you have at least 3 laptops to work with in your betking shop to make your work faster. Imagine you have about 10 customers waiting for you to register; if you have just one laptop, you will not only waste time but keep them standing for too long. But if you have more than one laptop and have people manning them, things would be a lot easier as a betking agent.

Your shop should be able to accumulate at least 5 cashiers:

Your betking shop space should be able to house at least 5 cashiers so more people can be registered.

Have at least 2 thermal printers:

To be able to print out bet slips for your clients, it is best you have at least 2 thermal printers in order to save time.

Steady internet connection:

To be a successful BetKing agent, you must have an internet connection that will not fail you in order to do a good job. If you have an unstable internet connection, it will not be good for your business.

Constant power supply:

It is important you have a regular power supply as a betking shop owner so your business can run smoothly. If this cannot be possible, make sure you have a generator that can support you when there is no power supply. Without this, you will not be able to satisfy your clients and make money.

You should be the only BetKing agent nearby:

This means that there should be no other person doing exactly what you are doing at a close range. Even if there is another betking agent around, they should not be too close to you. This is so you can be able to acquire your own clients without any interference from someone else. It also helps to limit competition.

Can you meet all these requirements, use the comment section to request for a link to the registration form to kick off now!

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