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Bet9ja Mobile Shop

Bet9ja mobile shop is literally the main bet9ja domain or site where all gaming activities running in bet9ja app is being displayed on your device. As the number one betting site in Nigeria, it has many visitors and also users that prefer betting on the site because its sure and accessible. Bet9ja mobile app has so many features that makes it so easy and fun.

Why You Should Use Bet9ja Mobile Shop Or App

  • Bet9ja mobile shop or app is so easy for any user to access. It is not compatible and it has a friendly environment for any gambler to access.
  • Bet 9ja is very friendly with the users in such a way that it is readable and understandable by any gambler who chooses to bet on their mobile shop online.
  • It has an enhanced graphics arrangement which consists of just two colors which are black and green.
  • Supports different varieties and kinds of sports to display
  • Has so many shortcut keys that enables a gambler to navigate easily around the site and makes it easier with an icon, Logo or as name attached to the shortcut.
  • Enables live streaming
  • You can book a bet directly from the mobile shop
  • Displays and updates competitions on various sports games.

Other Things Offered By Bet9ja Website Include

  • Bet9ja mobile shop or app displays a room for a user who has an already existing account to log in and perform any activity in his or her mind.
  • The terms and condition icon will enable you to know the rule guiding bet9ja mobile app or shop.
  • It provides a tab to make reports of issues or problems encountered for a solution.
  • It displays all the racing games in sports for those who have interest in racing games to place their bets too.
  • Live results are also enabled in the bet9ja mobile app environment
  • The statistics of games have its tab for easy access.
  • You will see a tab named coupon check that’s where you insert a booking code so as to place your bet.

There are so many tabs being displayed in the bet9ja mobile app which means a lot and helps to enhance your betting ability. They are as follows:


This is a tab where all the sports, tournaments, Leagues, Cups, Teams are displayed. If you click on the sports tab numerous kinds of sports will appear and the gambler makes his choice.


All kinds of racing games are being seen here ranging from Horse race, Dog race and many other races that gamblers bet on.


This is where you print out all the choices of teams and stake you make. Once you click on print and a printer is connected, the slip prints.


This is where you make selection ranging from sports, Game type, Country, Tournament and then team of your choice.


Any problem encountered will be reported back to the site from clicking this tab.

Other Tabs In Bet9ja Mobile Shop Or App Include


This is where you use your intelligence by checking team performance and odd changes. What determines winning a bet is the rate of information gathered about a team before placing your bet.


Bet9ja mobile shop made it easy to make direct communication/contact with their agents


This is where you can place your login details, Username and password. In the case of any problem like forgetting your login password, just click on forgotten password.


Bet9ja mobile shop or app provides a room for a gambler to check his games on play and after play.

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