22Bet Match Analysis – “PSG VS Borussia”

22Bet Match Analysis

22Bet Match Analysis – Following a defeat in Dortmund (2:1), the French are ready to strike back at home, in Paris. One would be right to look forward to an eventful match with an unexpected outcome, as over the entire history the teams played with each other only 3 times (2 draws and 1 recent victory for Borussia).

The coach of PSG Thomas Tuchel previously worked for Dortmund, so he probably knows how to approach the penalty zone of his former team. In addition, the French club employs big stars like Mbappé and Neymar. Sarabia (14 goals in the season) and Di Maria (11) are backups, while Cavani (7) and Icardi (20) are competing for the position of the center forward. PSG to progress on to the next round with odds of 2.08.

This 22Bet Match Analysis says that Borussia cannot boast a lineup that strong, but there are worthy players nevertheless. The team captain Marco Reus has long been a paragon of true German quality, scoring 12 goals this season and making 6 assists, while Jadon Sancho (16 +16) is a highly desired transfer for half of European clubs (including PSG). Achraf Hakimi over his 2 years of playing in Dortmund has achieved success as a defender, while the rookie Erling Haaland scored 12 goals in his first 9 matches with Borussia, including 2 in the previous match with PSG. Borussia to progress on to the next round with odds of 1.75.

The rivals’ forces are more or less equal, so it would be reasonable to assume both will be relying on an attacking game. Also, in the current season PSG scored 4 goals and more in 22 matches out of 44 this season, Borussia – in 20 of 35. Total over 3.5 with odds of 1.845 in 22Bet line.

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